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Those who do a lot of sports and want to get their bodies in shape should not refrain from eating a healthy diet. Bottle diet plans make you fat, are unhealthy and hinder your muscle building success. Healthy recipes to cook, to eat a balanced diet, doing sports and losing fat is not as difficult as you think. Quick prescriptions, nutrition tips or a low carb diet make diet change easier. Especially so-called hard gainers, ie people who have a very good metabolism, suffer from the problem of being able to build muscle very slowly. The reason for this is the rapid metabolism and thus required increased calorie and carbohydrate intake. Here, a specific nutritional plan for hard gainers should remedy. High Carb Diets (Many Carbs),Muscle building is necessary.

Nutrition plan tips

When switching to a healthy diet, you often do not remember what to cook or you always cook the same. Nutrition plan tips and recipe pictures should help here. Even vegetarian recipes and power drinks are currently very trendy and super healthy. To lose weight, the healthy diet is particularly good, since there are usually fewer calories than, for example, fast food. From the ripped Health blog you will be having the perfect options available now.

The human body should be supplied with a variety of nutrients to be healthy. Most do not eat enough fruits and vegetables, but they contain the most important nutrients. In addition, a protein-rich diet and healthy fats are important. If you want to lose weight, you should also make sure you eat fewer calories than you need and at the same time exercise. Hidden calories should be avoided as much as possible, such as the latte macchiato, which is rich in lactose. Drinking plenty of water, unlike cola or juices, is also particularly important because it is needed for the various metabolic processes. Nutrition plan tips include, for example, the sharpening with chili, which ensures an increased metabolism. Various fitness recipesyou can find in our nutrition blog .

You got everything out in the last set and accelerated neatly the last kilometer of your run? Your body needs regeneration after intensive training. Nutrition is the alpha and omega. A combination of carbohydrates and protein is ideal, regardless of the training goal. A high-quality protein prevents muscle breakdown and helps build it up. Carbohydrates fill up the empty energy stores again.

Be sure to take your protein in the form of a protein shake in the first 45 to 60 minutes after training. Within this period, the body uses it directly for muscle building. Ideal are 20 grams of protein, combined with carbohydrates. This stimulates the insulin secretion, which in turn works anabolically that is muscle building.

Surplus or deficit – your training goal decides

Never give up on a meal after a workout. If you are hungry even if you want to lose weight – you are threatened with a thin but undefined body: with fat and without muscles. How the diet should look exactly depends on your training goal. If toning is your ultimate goal, you should aim for a calorie surplus. This means eating more (healthy) calories than you consume during exercise. If you want to lose weight, you need a calorie deficit – so burn more calories than you deliver.

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